Our Facilities



Yarn – Yarn is the most important and primary requirement to make the fabric look the best and feel perfect. We choose the best long staple cotton super combed yarn from the selected mills.

Knitting - Jagan Knit Faabs utilizes the latest and advanced technology machineries to knit the fabrics like Reiter, Mayer & Cie to produce various qualities of circular knitted & Jacquard Fabric fabrics right from 100gsm to 400gsm.



Dyeing & Wet Processing – Ultra modern soft flow machines are used for fabric dyeing. Dyes and chemicals used are azo free as per Oeko Tex standards and HTHP machines used for cotton, polyester, Viscose and other blend fabrics

Garment dyeing – Garments are processed in electronically controlled garment dyeing units. This gives perfect dyeing, vintage look and wash effects. Same machines are used to produce following special effects Anti microbial, wrinkle resist, stone & sand wash, bio & enzyme wash, acid wash…

Environment – Social responsible to protect, conserve nature and in turns supports several eco friendly process and procedures that do not harm its immediate environment.

Garment Stitching


Garment sewing unit is done with proper lighting, good floor space and amenities. Legal and statutory norms with respect to social systems and physical facilities are provided.

We have 160 sewing machine powered and electronically controlled to sew quality garments to perfection, our production capacity is about 1,00,000pcs per month



All over print on knitted fabric using multi color rotary printing machine Stormac for reactive, pigment and discharge prints

Placement prints pigment, plastic sol, non pvc, flock, glitter, discharge prints on imported machines like Hebbecker & MHM



Computerised multi head embroidery machines to make chain, loop stitch and chenneli designs up to 8-9 colors on Japanese make machine like Barudan & Tajima

Hand embroidery designs with sequence work, beads…

Stone fixing, rhime stones, heat transfer photo & flock prints